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The Big Day

Well, this is it. I’ve packed up all my stuff and in two hours’ time I’ll be leaving the family home, never to return (until Christmas). Of course, I did this every September during my time at university, but this time it’s a bit more final. Monday will be the first day of my new job and I’m excited but apprehensive about how it’s going to go. MMU has four libraries in Manchester and each library has one or two trainees, which means there’ll be six other people in my position on Monday. I’m glad that I won’t be the only new person in the library, as there will be another trainee at my site, and I’m looking forward to meeting the others and experiencing it all with them. This is my first real job since graduating (and in fact, it’s my first ever paid job apart from the couple of hours a week I spent tutoring Spanish teenagers in 2010) so I’m really very new to the whole thing – it feels like I’m taking my first steps into the adult world! On Tuesday we will have an induction day where I’m sure all my questions will be answered, and I’m looking forward to getting settled in. Wish me luck!


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