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Well, I’m glad that’s over.

This summer has been a busy one for me, as I attempted to research and write my MA dissertation, work part-time in Sheffield and buy a house at the same time. Things like “sleep” and “social life” became alien concepts for three months while I concentrated on staying upright, alert and able to speak and write coherently. As is often the way when you’re doing lots of stressful things at once, they all ended up clashing horribly (and exhaustingly) over the same weekend. On the 29th of August I collected the keys to our new house and received an email inviting me to a job interview. On the 30th of August we moved house. And on the 31st of August I finished and submitted the most important piece of academic work I have ever produced.


On Monday the 1st of September I woke up feeling extremely happy and carefree!


I’m not convinced my dissertation is the world’s best essay (by a very long shot) but I think I made a good attempt at doing research of a topic I didn’t know much about, using techniques I had never used before. I think the stress of juggling so many life events at once might show up in the writing, especially one chapter which corrupted and had to be rewritten from scratch close to the deadline, but I’m pleased that I’ve produced a halfway decent piece of work. People keep asking me about how it went and, honestly, I can’t remember much about it any more (I think this is my brain protecting me from the trauma of the final weeks). I’m mainly glad that it’s all over and I can go to the pub without feeling guilty.


I’ve adjusted quite well to being a non-student again – it’s nice that all my spare time is my own and I can spend it watching the Apprentice or wandering around Leeds without thinking “I really should be doing some reading/literature searching/essay writing”. It also helps that my NUS discount card is still valid! For the moment, I’m enjoying a quiet time, without any courses or organised activities to do. I keep toying with the idea of signing up to a MOOC or teaching myself a new skill, but I think I need a bit of a breather before I get stuck in to something new.


As for that job interview I mentioned… I only went and got the job! I left Sheffield two weeks ago and have started my new job – my first “professional librarian” job – in Leeds. I’m going to write more about that soon, but suffice it to say I am enjoying it, especially the (much) shorter commute, and learning huge amounts.

As for right now? I’m going to have a cup of tea and watch the Apprentice.


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The Big Day

Well, this is it. I’ve packed up all my stuff and in two hours’ time I’ll be leaving the family home, never to return (until Christmas). Of course, I did this every September during my time at university, but this time it’s a bit more final. Monday will be the first day of my new job and I’m excited but apprehensive about how it’s going to go. MMU has four libraries in Manchester and each library has one or two trainees, which means there’ll be six other people in my position on Monday. I’m glad that I won’t be the only new person in the library, as there will be another trainee at my site, and I’m looking forward to meeting the others and experiencing it all with them. This is my first real job since graduating (and in fact, it’s my first ever paid job apart from the couple of hours a week I spent tutoring Spanish teenagers in 2010) so I’m really very new to the whole thing – it feels like I’m taking my first steps into the adult world! On Tuesday we will have an induction day where I’m sure all my questions will be answered, and I’m looking forward to getting settled in. Wish me luck!

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