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My current tipple


It finally happened: I got freshers’ flu. I woke up this morning at 4am convinced I had tonsillitis, so I’ve stayed at home today. I’ve decided I probably don’t have tonsillitis, but I do feel awful anyway, so it was a good decision. I suppose it was inevitable, really, seeing as I interact with students (and more importantly, student nurses) all day long, but I wasn’t really prepared for feeling this awful. I generally don’t get more than the odd sniffle, but I guess I should have expected an actual cold this time round on account of how tired I’ve been, and how much change I’ve put myself through in the past few weeks. I’m feeling very sorry for myself, though!


And that’s another thing – this is the end of Week Six. Six weeks already! Only eight more until the end of term. It’s flying past at the moment! I’ve been feeling a bit more settled in in the last couple of weeks, and definitely think I’m getting a bit better at the role. The ratio of times when using my own judgement works to times when it doesn’t is getting more favourable, although I have had a couple of moments where I’ve said or done the wrong thing. Thankfully it’s not been anything drastic or irreversible, and to be fair I have only been doing this for six weeks, so I can’t be expected to get everything right.
We had a training day yesterday which I will write about separately later, but suffice it to say it was a really interesting day, and has made me think a bit more about what sort of thing I want to be doing later on in my career. More on that after the weekend when I write it all up, but for now I’ve got to dose up on Lemsip and dash off, as I am off to Coventry for the weekend – tantalisingly close to Library Camp but not quite close enough (maybe next year I’ll be brave enough to try out a conference). See you all in Week Seven!


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