Week Four done and dusted

I can’t believe the first month is over already. It’s payday! I’ve never said that before.

Yesterday was a bit stressful. Digitisations have taken over my work life to the point that all I can think about is spreadsheets and scanning things. I also got a phone call telling me that I hadn’t been receiving new books properly because I had missed out a fairly important step in the process. Not a great thing to hear. It’s all sorted now and it didn’t cause too many problems, but it’s just annoying to trip up like that. I also don’t have much counter time on Thursdays so was stuck in the back office all day, not really interacting with anyone, transferring data from a spreadsheet, to a form, to another spreadsheet, and then to another form.

Today I saw the light at the end of the tunnel – I’ve been working through a list of digitisations for a particular lecturer and at close of play today I only have one left to upload, which I would have completed if it hadn’t gone a bit wrong at 4.25pm. Hooray! Next week I get to embark on the thrilling task of going through all our digitisations and putting their details on a brand-new spreadsheet, so that we’re completely up-to-date. I tell you what, I’m going to be glad when this is all sorted and I only have the odd few to do every now and then.

I’m in Leeds for the weekend and apparently the weather’s going to be quite nice tomorrow – just what I needed after the last couple of days! I hope you’re all having good weekends too.


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